The size and composition of each individual project team is determined by the scope and complexity of the project. Through Moworks Limited, our clients have access to a plethora of skills provided by our well trained, competent, experienced, motivated and ethical staff. Our low supervisor to workman ratio ensures the highest quality results onsite.

  • We are customer-focused
  • We recognize that our staff are our greatest asset and so we make every effort to ensure they are properly trained and motivated
  • We are efficient and dynamic
  • We are a well-oiled machine
Value Engineering
evaluating cost alternatives without compromising quality or function
accurately locate various aspects of the facility under construction
Construction Engineering
monitoring interim structures and partially constructed elements
Quantity Surveying
develop a bill of quantities and schedule
Structural Engineering
design and supervise structural elements
Electrical Engineering
design and supervise electrical systems
Soils and Geodetic Engineering
determine foundation type; ensure global stability
Mechanical Engineering
design and supervise plumbing and air conditioning systems
Design & Architecture
create concepts and develop drawings